Alderley's History

About Alderley

The suburb of Alderley is bounded by Enoggera Creek to the south and Kedron Brook to the north. Alderley is eight kilometres from the city centre. The suburb is generally hilly with views toward the surrounding suburbs and the city. This similarity with Alderley Edge in Cheshire (United Kingdom) encouraged the early settlers to give the Brisbane suburb the name of Alderley.

The land near the watercourses and other low-lying areas was boggy. By 1914 early settlers were filling in large sections of swamp in order to erect buildings.

Aboriginal History

The Turrbal clan occupied the northern side of the Brisbane River. White people often referred to this clan as the 'Duke of York's clan'. There were camping grounds around the Breakfast Creek area and the explorers Oxley and Cunningham met members of the clan at the mouth of the creek in 1824.

Everyday life for the tribe consisted of hunting and gathering food, with time for games, and other social and spiritual activities.

Early residents of the area could recall the corroborees held in the Sedgley Park Estate near Newmarket.

Urban Development

Alderley was named after a prosperous town in Cheshire, England, which has become a smart suburb of Manchester. In the 1860s, Mr and Mrs F. Raymont established Brisbane's first vineyard at Alderley. Members of their family became important to the development of the area. Their son became Alderley's first postmaster in 1882 and Raymont Road was named in the family's honour.

The Alderley Central Estate was created from larger land holdings and put up for sale. As closer settlement occurred with the development of the estates, public transport grew to meet the needs of the new settlers. The Railway Station opened in 1899 on the Ferny Grove line.

Alderley Landmarks

Farrington House is a heritage-listed timber house that stands on a hilltop in Alderley. It has been a landmark for a long time as the house was constructed for a wealthy biscuit manufacturer, Frederick Walter Wilson in 1882. The house originally stood on thirteen acres of land, but with the subdivision of the land between the years 1890 to 1915, this was reduced to 2 acres [0.8 hectares].

Within the Alderley boundaries are many parks and reserves, including Banks Street Reserve, Sedgley Park, Grinstead Park, and Alderley Grove.

Major People

Colonel Henry William Lee lived in Farrington House from 1917 to 1930. He became well known as a foundation member of the Queensland Teachers' Union and was a member of the University Senate from 1920 to 1923. His daughter was the first woman resident at Women's College studying pharmacy.

Early settlers, including the Raymonts, became important people to the development of the area.

Cultural Diversity

Alderley does not have a high proportion of people who were born outside Australia or who speak languages other than English.According to the 2001 census 13.85% of Alderley residents were born overseas and 5.27% speak a language other than English at home. This compares with 21.03% and 10.03% for Brisbane as a whole. 1.17% were of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, compared to 1.67% for Brisbane.


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