Brisbane's History

Brisbane has a rich history, below you can explore both the Aboriginal and European history of Brisbane. Alternatively, using the menu to your right you may view history by Brisbane suburb.

Brisbane City History Overview

Aboriginal Settlement: The Brisbane City area, or Main-jin as they knew it was originally inhabited by two 'Aboriginal' tribes. the Jagera and Turrbal people decended from the Torres Strait originally.

European Settlement: Brisbane City was named by Sir Thomas Brisbane, the governer of New South Wales 1821-1825, the name is based upon the rivver that snakes it's way through the suburbs and inner city (about 25 klms downstream from the Moreton Bay entry to the river). The first European settlement was at Redcliffe in 1824 and moved to North Quay (inner city centre) in 1825 due to a more reliable source of water for the settlers. It was not until 1842 that free settlers were permitted to live in Brisbane. In 1859, Queensland became a seperate colony and Brisbane was made the capital city.